RFLX Notebook Set

75,00 lei

480 unique covers, 4 letters×4 colours×30 frames


Covers: Neobond 200 g/m2 Freelife

Inside paper: Freelife Cento Extra White 80 g/m2

The set contains 4 different RFLX notebooks

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RFLX is a series of notebooks whose unique covers describe a network of lines that rotate 3 degrees from one copy to another and a selection of letters that revolve in isometric space. Like the North acts on the needle of a compass, the facets of the letters influence the angle of the lines.

— 4 lettersRotationIsometric projectionRasterisation

— Print: 480 unique covers4 letters×4 colours×30 framesGreen Neobond 200 g/m2Freelife Cento Extra White 80 g/m2

— Authors:

Design: Radu Manelici, Pren (Sebastian Anastasiei)

Coding: Ioan Olteanu

Production: Nicoleta Radu, Gabriel Barbu

Limited edition

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